Frequently Asked Questions

What is home dog-boarding?

Your dog will live in a home with a professional dog watcher. Your pup can sleep on the sofa, roam around the backyard, and generally be one of the family members.

How much does overnight boarding cost?

Our rates are extremely competitive. We charge $70 per night, with possible discounts for longer stays. Holiday rates are $85 per night due to increased demand.

What if I just want daycare?

That will be $35 a day, with possible discounts for 4+ days per a week.

What if I have more than one dog?

We have reduced rates for multiple dog families. Just send us a note and we can give you a better estimate.

What if there are accidents?

Your dog is fully covered for any health careĀ  issues that may arise while they stay with us except any preexisting issues.

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